Saturday, October 2, 2010

Minecraft beginner's guide

 This article is a starter guide for minecraft and tells the basis of surviving in this world.

Just select an empty world and let the game generate the map.

You start at your spawn point, you will spawn there if you die.
The first thing you need is wood, look for trees and cut some blocks of wood with your hands with left click


Once you have some wood, look for a nice place to live, a place with some stone is good as it will allow mining during night without being annoyed by monsters. You will be able to dig a house easily with a pickaxe, so let's start crafting.

The tree will allow you to craft objects. Open your inventory with 'i', there is a 2x2 crafting area, put your tree blocks in it. The lower part of the inventory is for items you can access while playing.


The "4" on the produced object means that for every 1 block of tree you produce 4 blocks of wood. Click on the produced object until you have no tree block left.
The workbench has a 3x3 crafting area, that allows crafting tools. To produce it, make a 2x2 square of wood. To split a stack of wood in 2 equal stacks, right click on it.

Put your workbench in the lower part of your inventory and place it with right click while it's selected. You will be able to move it later if you want.
The most important tool for the moment is the pickaxe. To make one you need wood and sticks. You can craft 4 sticks by placing 2 pieces of wood verticaly.

Then, you can make a pickaxe with sticks and wood like this :

With this pickaxe, you can dig stone that makes better tools that work faster and last longer. Dig the stone so that it makes a kind of room.
If you want to put your workbench in you room, destroy it and it will go back in your inventory.
Here are some tools you can make:
The axe

The shovel, very useful for mining as you will sometimes find dirt and gravel.

The sword, because there are things to kill.

Before night, you need some torches, they are made of a stick and a piece of coal. Coal blocks look like stone blocks but with black parts, look around you to find some.

And use it to craft torches

One last thing before the night falls, you need to close your house. Use the stone left in your inventory to close tour entry until there are just 2 blocks left

You can craft a wooden door with a 3x2 vertical rectangle:

And place it by looking on the floor where you want it to be.

It will open when you click on it.

That's all for the first part of this guide.

Link to part 2



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