Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Minecraft farming guide

In minecraft, you can farm to get food.
I write this article about farming because I went on bad basis using the documents i found on the internet.
To start farming, you need to prepare the land, and get seeds.
For both, you have to craft a hoe: (make a lot, it breaks very fast)

For the land, a shovel and a bucket may be useful.
Crafting a bucket:

Prepare the land :
The land is made of dirt, and it needs water near it. The dirt blocks must have a water block 4 blocks far maximum, straight or diagonal.
This drawing represents the most effective way to organize your land :
The brown squares can be dirt or grass.
Put the water first or your soil will dry.
After you made it the way you want, take a hoe and with you right click you make soil from your dirt. Beware to walk in sneak mode (shift) when you are on soil to avoid destroying it.

Get seeds:
Maybe you had some seeds while doing your land, but you certainly need more. The best you can do is to make soil from grass everywhere around you. If there is no water near it, it should become grass again after some time

Then you can plant your seeds with right click on your soil and wait until it's time to harvest.
When you have weed like this, even a single block,  you can harvest it with right click, you will get more seeds, and wheat.
With wheat you can craft bread:
The advantage of wheat is that you can stack 64 units, which makes it very useful to carry with a craft table.


  1. everyone keeps talking to me about this game!! The graphics are deterring me from playing it but it sounds so fun ;P

    anyway, loving the blog and hope you can come check mine out when you have a chance :)

  2. Hmm neat trick. Ill check it out.

  3. I haven't even touched farming in the game, this is really helpful, thanks.

  4. Im so afraid to try this game it looks very time consuming.

  5. but...breads useless :P

  6. wow dude, thanks for the guide. did you buy it or was it gifted to you?

  7. Very good tips and info here. Minecraft is an excellent game. Indeed these will come in my time of need.

  8. thx so much for this <3

  9. bought it, i find it worth it's price

  10. I don't play Minecraft, but this helps those who do