Friday, October 15, 2010

Trackmania Nations Forever shadow bug

Trackmania had some problems with my radeon, there were shadows everywhere. Depending on maps, it could be ok, or too disturbing to be playable. Here is a screen of a map where it's just too much :

When i saw this i decided to seriously look for a solution, and finaly found it ! Now the game looks perfect :)

If you have the same problem you may want to download the patch HERE

And if you don't know Trackmania Nations but like racing videogames, you can donwload it HERE ( where it's written "download and play for free" or "téléchargez et jouez gratuitement" on the right)


  1. is the game worth playing im on steam too

  2. interesting, I like this... keep up the good work

  3. Too much without playing a racing videogame, I'm missing them right now.

  4. interesting, I like this pretty helpful info thanks for sharing that! love that game

  5. That does look weird. But it looks like an awesome game.